GFTU Win:Win Callaborative Working

We believe that unions deserve the best professional advice on everything they do from investments to ICT, conferences to courses etc. and we have made arrangements with companies keen to bring high level professional expertise and savings.

There are distinct benefits to this model of collaboration and we all have a part to play. Listed here are some examples of this exciting approach, but we also recognise that one size doesn’t fit all and there is sometimes a need to approach things differently. We would therefore urge you to consider your current and future needs and how we can support you to be more effective and sustainable in the future. Please look through the attached data sheets and consider how we can achieve more, a real win:win for you and for the GFTU.

Collaborative working should be; • In the spirit of trade unionism. • A way of being more effective, stronger and sustainable. • Partnership working at its best, being well thought out, communicated, delivered and efficiently managed. • An opportunity to share support and good practice. • Provide economies of scale and best value. • Provide timely solutions to challenges. • Reversible. • Enhance union organisation and sustainability. Collaborative working shouldn’t be; • Union mergers through the back door. • A form of privatisation under another name. • A ‘one size fits all’ solution, there are also benefits to a ‘pick and mix’ approach. • Undertaken lightly. • Just beneficial to one side.

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