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QuornGrangeHotel is fantastic and agreat asset for themovement. TheHotel isowned by theGFTU’sEducationalTrust and therefore surplusesgenerated areused to fundmore tradeunion education -So themore thatunionsuse thehotel forovernight stays,meetings, conferences,meals and soon, themore tradeunion education theGFTU canprovide. Having a first classHotelwithbeautifulgardens available to you, yourmembers andUnion staff canmake a realdifference,with38 very comfortableBedrooms, an attractiveBar and Lounge it creates ahome fromhome forourguests. TheRestaurant ispopular andour menu,beer andwine choiceswill inspire… We are currentlybuilding24 extrabedrooms andbigger conference and event facilities onto thehotel and appreciate the supportof affiliates through theiruseof theHotel.We providediscounts toboth affiliates and theirmembers.Affiliates are encouraged topromote booking thehotel to theirmembers through theirwebsites andmember communications forweddings,parties, short leisurebreaks etc.Furtherdetailsof thediscounts are available via thewebsiteportal located additionallywe arehappy to provide tailoredoffers,promotional leaflets and finished artwork forAffiliateswebsites and member communications.

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The assets of unions are not bottomless and in addition to premises, resources, people and member services there are new ways of working together and sharing experience that can be of real practical benefit. There are numerous examples of the benefits of collaborating, one way that we have achieved this at the GFTU has been through the establishment of a number of professional networking groups (General Secretaries, Education Officers, HR, Finance, ICT, Health and Safety etc.) to ensure union officers who often work in isolation and may not have an internal peer group, receive appropriate levels of support. As we move forwards the same could be said of new approaches and opportunities that technology provides us with.

BackOffice Support


TimMarshall GeneralManager -QuornGrangeHotel Tel:01509410852 E-mail:

FinanceTeamServices andSupport

You can also contact IanRichards, theGFTU’sOperationsManager for further information and toprogress things tomake a real difference to yourUnion, theGFTU andUnionmembers. E-mail: Tel:01509410867 Mob:07903523746 FinanceAdministration Thehighperforming financ department at theGFTU,with a teamofqualified accountants and experienced finance officersusing the latest accounting software and secure technology,has enabledus to expandourprovisionby offering affiliates a chanceof the finance and administration services. TheFinanceTeam is able toprovide; •AvirtualFCserviceonprofessionaladviceandsupport.(Aoneoffassistancehelpingyourrecords,system improvementorget started, abit likepay as yougo service). •Bookkeepingservices(salesandpurchas ledgers). •Preparationofdebtorsandcreditorsreports.


GFTUFinanceTeam The Lodge 84Wood Lane Quorn

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•Payrollservices(UKpayrollorIrishpayroll,anddealingwithHMRC,RTI,ROS.) •Preparationoftaxyeardocumentation,onlinesubmission,benefitinKinds,andsoon. •PreparationofVATreturns •Preparationofaccountstotrialbalance. •Preparationofregularmanagementaccounts. •Preparationoffinalaccounts •AssistanceandarrangementofAuditandstatutoryaccounts. FinancialServices



WendyCheung GFTUHeadofFinance Tel:01509410859

TheGFTU is also able toprovide small charities and voluntaryorganisationswith an affordable final accounts preparation.The external examinationof the accounts for thenot forprofitorganisations equivalent to statutory audit for companies aspartof thegovernance andquality assuranceprocesses. AutoEnrolmentandPensionSchemeManagement Our finance team alsomanages severalpension schemes in full.We arehappy toprovide the administrationof thepension arrangements for affiliatedUnions if required andback thisupwith legal supportby arrangementwith WalkersSolicitors. FinancialAdvice Provider: LighthouseGroup

LighthouseGroup are thepreferred financial advisers formanyTradeUnions.Theyprovide expert financial advice tounions and their embers alike,with anetworkofprofessional financialadvisersthroughouttheUK.Itis well-stablishedorganisationofferingadviceand solutions topeoplewherever they areon their financial journey. •Foundationfinancialplanningforyoungpeopleatthestartoftheirworkinglives. •Supportforyoungfamiliesnavigatethefinancialjungle.

You can also contactDougNicholls and IanRichards, theGFTU’sOperationsManager for further information and toprogress things to make a realdifference to yourUnion, theGFTU andUnionmembers. E-mail: Tel:01509410867 Mob:07903523746

•Parentswithchildrengrowingup. •Planningforretirementandretiring. •Solutionswhenthingsdon’tgotoplan.



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In addition to supportingmemberswith theirown financialplanning LighthouseGroup are able toprovide adviceon theunion funds andworkwith theGFTUon theirown investment portfolio. Byworkingwith Lighthouse youwillbe supporting theGFTUEducationTrust.

Loughborough Leicestershire LE128DB IanRichards GFTUOperationsManager Tel:01509410867 E-mail:

You can also contactDougNicholls in addition to IanRichards, theGFTU’sOperationsManager for further information and toprogress things tomake a realdifference to yourUnion, theGFTU andUnionmembers. E-mail: Tel:01509410867 Mob:07903523746


of the commercial fees being charged to some unions.

The attached data sheets describe the majority of collaborative working opportunities that have been developed, the scope is immense and we hope you call soon to enquire how we can work together – becoming stronger with every step we take.

The GFTU already have experience of managing a number of education

programmes and pension funds for affiliates and managing a finance back-office support service, but the possibilities to work together on a wider range of services has greater potential. We have been astounded by some

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